St. Francis with Red Dog and Nude. Arthur Boyd.
Arthur Boyd

1920 - 1999

St. Francis with Red Dog and Nude

62 x 46 cm
Provenance: Acquired from the artist in England by Mrs Jaff; Private collection, U.K.

"On his return to London (from Umbria) Boyd was visited in his studio by Mr T.S.R. Boase, to whom he showed the Wolf of Gubbio pastels and perhaps some others of the evolving legend series. Mr Boase told the artist that nearly twenty years earlier he had written a biography of St. Francis. Apart from a few advance copies, the entire edition had been destroyed in a warehouse fire during the war. Boyd suggested that he should make illustrations for a new edition and thus a series of twenty-two pastels originated."   Arthur Boyd by Franz Philipp, Thames and Hudson, London, 1967, page 130

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