Aboriginal Family Hunting Mallee Fowl near Echuca c1862. Nicholas Chevalier.
Nicholas Chevalier

Aboriginal Family Hunting Mallee Fowl near Echuca c1862

Brown ink and wash
9.4 cm diameter circular

Nicholas Chevalier accompanied Professor von Neumayer on a three month tour of the western district of Victoria. The last leg of the tour took them through Echuca in June 1862. Chevalier came back with “a load of sketches illustrative of scenery”... The Argus, Wednesday 2 July 1862, page 4

For related works refer Nicholas Chevalier, Australian Odyssey by Simon Gregg, Gippsland 
Art Gallery, Sale, 2011, no. 165 Mallee Scrub, Murray River, NSW, 1871, watercolour, National Library of Australia and no. 221 the engraving of the same view.  
Also refer Australian Art in the Sixties, A Book of Engravings from the famous paintings, selected from the well-known collection of Mr. J. Feldheim, publishers J. Feldheim, Cromwell Building, Melbourne, 1915 for a similar view

We are grateful to Gerard Hayes of the State Library of Victoria for help identifying this work

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