Pinti. Brandy Tjungurrayi.
Brandy Tjungurrayi




64 x 39 cm 

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This print tells the story of Pinti who was a bird and an important figure who lead the

Tingari men through the desert country during the Tjukurrpa (Dreaming). As Pinti travelled

he created the many tjurrnu (soakwaters) depicted as the circles in this print. These are

named from top to bottom Minyinna, Ngakin, Parliparlinja and Wangkartu. The parallel

lines are the marks left in the ground by the Tingari men who dragged branches through

this country as they followed Pinti.

Brandy Tjungurrayi was born circa 1930. His country lies around Nyilla in the Great Sandy

Desert/Gibson Desert area. As a boy and young man he lived a nomadic bush life along

the trail of waterholes south of Purtutjalpu (Jupiter Well). The waterholes were created, it

is believed, by the Luurnpa (Sacred Kingfisher) during the Tjukurrpa (Dreaming). Brandy

and his first wife, the late Nowee Nanguri, walked into the old Balgo mission, and both

worked there tending goats and sheep in the 1950s. Together they had five daughters.

The family moved between Balgo and Christmas Creek before moving to Kiwirrkurra in

1996 where they stayed until the community was flooded and evacuated in 2001. Brandy

now lives in Balgo with his second wife, Philomena Baadjo, and his daughters and their

families. Brandy started painting at Balgo in 1985 and painted for Papunya Tula Artists

when he lived at Kiwirrkurra. He is a brother of Patrick Olodoodi and Elizabeth Nyumi and

cousin brother of Helicopter, who are all senior artists. Brandy has his work represented in

major public and private collections, including the National Gallery of Australia, the Art

Gallery of NSW, the Art Gallery of WA, and the Laverty Collection. (Warlayirti Artists)


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