Kulama. Conrad Tipungwuti.
Conrad Tipungwuti



25 x 20 cm 

Numbered 15/20


The Kulama ceremony occurs towards the end of the Wet Season, the traditional period of

initiation for young boys and which coincides with the harvest of the bush yam.

As with much Tiwi art, Conrad Tipungwuti’s aquatint etching, Kulama, employs line and

circle patterning as its encompassing feature. However, although this mark-making does

have the intended effect of abstract decoration, it can often mistakenly be considered onedimensional.

Indeed, the circles in this print refer implicitly to both the concentric circle of

the dancing ground used during the Kulama ceremony, as well as the ring around the

moon that can be seen at this time.


Conrad Tipungwuti was born on 24 September, 1966. His country is Ranku, and he

speaks Tiwi. Conrad lives on Melville Island and has participated in many group

exhibitions since 1997. 



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