Bow River Country. Freddie Timms.
Freddie Timms

Bow River Country

Lithograph & chine collé   
50 x 50 cm     
Numbered 24/50



This print shows Bow River running from top to bottom with Mule Creek running into it from

the side. In the centre of the work is an important waterhole called Goorragagoora, the

place of the storm bird or Channel Billed Cuckoo. When the artist was a boy of about ten,

his parents were working at Bow River Station. During the wet season there was trouble

between the European managers of Bow River and the managers of the neighbouring

station Lissadell. Timm's father took his family including the artist and his sister and two

brothers and ran away. They hid in the hills on Bow River for about three weeks. They did

not go back to work at Bow River. After that they kept walking and eventually went to work

at Lissadell. The artist has a veryclear memory of hiding up in the hills and walking and

camping on the way to Lissadell. Today the community including the artist's family, own the

lease of Bow River Station.


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