Coffee Pot. Marina Strocchi.
Marina Strocchi

Coffee Pot


16 x 9.8 cm 

Numbered 20/40


Marina Strocchi’s Coffee Pot is one of Northern Editions’ more quirky and playful prints. 

Reminiscent of the modernist woodcuts of Margaret Preston with its clean decorative 

approach, this black and white etching represents a famed commodity - liquid gold - that is 

desired the world over. Indeed, during the two-week-long workshop undertaken with Marina 

and her partner Wayne Eager at Northern Editions in December 2006, the coffee pot was 

perpetually on the boil and the resulting print homage to their recent travels in Italy. 


Born in Melbourne in 1961, Marina Strocchi received her Bachelor of Arts from Swinburne 

University in 1982. Marina spent her formative years living, working, and travelling abroad, 

and worked as a community artist in Melbourne before moving to Central Australia in early 

1992. She was invited later that year to establish Ikuntji Art Centre at Haasts Bluff, west of 

Alice Springs, and was the founding coordinator for nearly six years. Since then, Marina 

has lived in Alice Springs with her partner Wayne Eager where they both work as full-time 

artists from their home-based studios.


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