Warlarlijany Country. Hector Jandany.
Hector Jandany

Warlarlijany Country

40 x 54cm    
Signed, titled and inscribed  PM 58 A/P

This print shows a place called Warlwarljany in Ngarrgooroon, the artist's traditional country
east of Warmun (Turkey Creek), Western Australia. Warlwarljany is good hunting country
for kangaroos. The crescent and rectangular shaped motifs at the center are clearings
where lots of kangaroos live. Above them is clear country with lots of springs in the
riverbed. At the top are hills where people used to climb up and look for kangaroos. There
are lots of places in these hills where you can trap kangaroos and kill them with clubs or
stones. You can also find lots of "porcupines" (echidnas), emus, bush turkeys, and
goannas there. When he was a young man, the artist and his family used to camp there
and go hunting.

Hector Jandany was born in c. 1929 in Warmun (Turkey Creek), WA. At the age of ten he
moved to the Argyle region, where he lived and worked for many years as a stockman,
and later worked at Texas Downs Station as a cook. In his middle years he became the
Chariman of Warmun school, of which his determination for a better education for the
youth of Warmun had a big impact on his life. Hector Jandany has exhibited widely since
1990, with his mother's country - Ngarrgoorroon - being a constant motif in his work.

This print is guaranteed to be the original work of the artist and collaborator(s)
and contains information as received by the artist/community where available.
Jandany's attachment to country and a strong Christian faith have combined to influence
his style, and his paintings and prints typically reflect the restrained colour palette of other
Kimberley artists.

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