Waringarri Suite. Kununurra Community.
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Waringarri Suite

Collection of 13 etchings

25 x 25 cm ea 

Numbered 28/50




List of participating artists and printmakers:

Artists: Agnes Armstrong, Daisy Bitting, Billy Duncan, Alan Griffiths, Peggy Griffiths, Carole Hapke, Mignonette Jamin, Minnie Lumai, Judy Mengil, Gloria Mengil, Peter Newry, Phyllis Ningarmara and Ronnie Yundun.

Printmakers: Dian Darmansjah, Gertjan Forrer, Glynis Lee, Jacinta Numina-Waugh, Manni Redlich, Michael Roseth, Bobbie Ruben, Paul Satchell, Nena Zanos.

“We do good things in this Mirriwoong country. We all come together here to dance and sing and make things. For some artists this is our first print. Other artists they have made many prints. All together for this Waringarri Suite – senior artists and new artists together – we share our culture and our country.”  -  Artists Statement, July 2008

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