Jinamoom-Wet Season. Peggy Griffiths.
Peggy Griffiths

Jinamoom-Wet Season

50 x 33 cm

Print Description:
Jinamoom is the area of the Keep River as it flows through the gorge country. During the
wet season it is joined by little floodwater creeks and the open country becomes marshy.
There are lots of new grasses and spinifex growing and you can see the spirit of country as
it moves across the land with the wind in the grasses.
Peggy was born at Newry Station in the NT in 1941.

Her father left during the early years and the station manager's wife told Peggy's mother to send her off to Kimberley Research Station to do her schooling. When Peggy was 15 her mother took her away from school to Argyle Station. Peggy then learned she had been promised in marriage to Alan Griffiths when she turned 16. She and her future husband were told to leave Argyle Station and moved to Kununurra.

She remembers much about life around Goodim community and Newry Station, her family's country. Here she saw old people taken away from the camp with chains around their necks and where she learned to dance all the traditional dances.  

Peggy began working with Waringarri Aboriginal Arts in 1985 carving and painting Boab nuts and Boomerangs. She then progressed to canvases and editioned prints which she does to keep the stories of her grandfather Charlie Mailman alive.

Peggy and Alan often paint together and are key performers and teachers of corroboree and
traditional dances for their community. Peggy is a senoir artist at Waringarri and has been
a chairperson of the organisation over a number of years. (Waringarri Aboriginal Arts 2008) 


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