The Clipper Ship British Flag off Sydney Heads 1871. Frederick Garling.
Frederick Garling

1806 - 1873

The Clipper Ship British Flag off Sydney Heads 1871

30 x 46 cm

On paper waterrmarked 1867

The Clipper ship British Flag, 1285 tons, was owned by the British Shipowners Company and travelled between London and India.  In 1871 it travelled to Sydney, arriving at Circular Wharf on 6th March 1871. It departed in May 1871 with a cargo of wool, cotton, leather, tallow, coconut oil,  copra, butter, preserved meat, copper and hides

Frederick Garling was a Sydney watercolourist who painted most of the ships that entered Sydney Harbour. He was born in England and migrated to Australia with his family in 1815. He joined the Customs Department in Sydney as a landing waiter in 1827 and remained with them until 1859. The State Library of NSW has 90 works by Garling in their collection and held an exhibition of his work in 2003


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