Landscape of My Childhood V -Tower Hill Volcano 1984. Shay Docking.
Shay Docking

1928 - 1998

Landscape of My Childhood V -Tower Hill Volcano 1984

25.5 x 170 cm
Signed, titled and dated

Born at Warnambool in 1928 and growing up in the Presbyterian
Manse at Koroit on the northern flanks of the volcano, Shay and her siblings often used Tower Hill as an adventure playground. In those days the scoria cones were bare having been cleared and eaten out by stock. When this extraordinary formation was declared a State game reserve in 1961, the oil painting by Eugen von Guerard of Tower Hill, 1855 was used as reference to restore this area.

In 1985, David Hanson, then director of the Warrnambool Art Gallery wrote in the exhibition catalogue Tower Hill and its Artists 1985 that ?The first attempt to approach Tower Hill with a modernist sensibility was made by Shay Docking in 1955? (see plate 22 in the Warnambool Art Gallery catalogue).

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