A Melbourne Gentleman 1884. Robert H. Dowling.
Robert H. Dowling

A Melbourne Gentleman 1884

Oil on canvas
76 x 63.5 cm
Signed and dated

Private collection, United Kingdom until 1978

“Mr. Dowling has several portraits of well-known citizens completed; or approaching completion, one of them full length, and three three-quarters. They are all admirable likenesses. ... ” The Argus, Wednesday 10 September 1884, page 4.

“… He came out here on a visit about l8 months ago, opened a studio in Collins street west, and commissions soon began to flow in upon him. Many of our leading citizens sat to him, His Excellency the Governor and the late Bishop of Melbourne among others; while in Sydney, Mr. Dowling   executed an admirable likeness of Sir Alfred Stephen. But apart from his talent as an artist, he was altogether estimable as a man. No one was more prompt to recognize ability, or more cordial to praise it, in a brother artist. …”  The Argus, 14th July, 1886, page 6

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