Derwent Lees

Derwent Lees

1884 - 1931

Australian-born painter, Derwent Lees was born on 14 November 1884 in Clarence, Tasmania, the son of an English-born bank manager. As a child he lived successively in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

He travelled to London to attend the Slade School from 1905 to 1907. While still studying, he was invited to join the academic staff and he taught drawing at the Slade from 1908 to 1918. His close associates in London included JD Innes and Augustus John and, around the period from 1910 to 1913, he worked with them in Dorset and Wales, painting lyrical landscapes in vivid colours on small wooden panels. He travelled widely in Europe and, during 1912 to 1914, visited the south of France.

He died in hospital in Surrey on 28 March 1931, aged 46.

Derwent Lees met his wife, Edith Brice, known as Lyndra, through Augustus John, for whom she modelled.

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