Three Birds with Insects. Butcher Joe Nangan.
Butcher Joe Nangan

0 - 1989

Three Birds with Insects

Pencil and watercolour on paper
22 x 32.5 cm
Verso: Mary Macha Coll. stamp no. 71

Provenance: Estate of Mary Macha, Manager of the Aboriginal Traditional Arts gallery in Perth 1970s -1980s

Literature: From the Bukarikara, The Lore of the Southwest Kimberley Through the Art of Butcher Joe Nangan, Kim Akerman, UWAP, 2020   See similar works

Butcher  Joe Nangan OA, Keeper of the Law, artist and chronicler of the Nyikina was born at the turn of the century at Fisherman's Bend near Broome.  He  died in Broome in 1989.  "Through his work Nangan recorded and transmitted a vast body of cultural knowledge in a manner in which he believed would be more readily digested by the wider Australian community.  Nangan , like many older Aboriginal people, was accutely aware of the increasing ly rapid loss of historical and cultural information in the latter half of the twentieth century."

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