Site Gnotations 2005. Brigid Cole-Adams.
Brigid Cole-Adams

1938 - 2015

Site Gnotations 2005

Salt Spume, Lake Gnotuk
Mount Sugarloaf, Scoria
Two Shells, Mt. Leura Rd. Embankment
Carbonate Concretion,  Sedimentary Pavement 1,2 & 3
Polymer paint on canvas
13 x 18 cm
Each signed and titled

Exhibited: Lake Gnotuk, A Layered History, Art of Brigid Cole-Adams, Christine James, Ewa Narkiewicz, Cameron Robbins and Richard Thomas. Guest curator,  Anna Clabburn; Exhibition held at Geelong Gallery, 2005, Ballarat Fine Art Gallery, 2005-2006, Warrnambool Art Gallery,  2006, Riddoch Art Gallery (South Australia), 2006, Bundoora Homestead Art Centre, 2006, cat. no. 4
A Touring exhibition, Geelong Art Gallery; Ballarat Art Gallery

The lakes of Bullen Merri and Gnotuk have very clear and continuous sedimentary deposits. As iron sediments from the volcanoes sank down into the lakes, they aligned with the magnetic field of the earth and over time, this was reflected in the different layers of sediment.

$450 each


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