Sydney Harbour from Mosman c1908. Hans Heysen.
Hans Heysen

Sydney Harbour from Mosman c1908

26.5 x 37.5 mm
Provenance: John Melbourne Joshua, bought from the artist, by decent to current owner, Michael Joshua, Lancefield
Probably Exhibited:  Exhibition of Painting by Hans Heysen, Guild Hall, Swanston Street, Melbourne, August, 1908 as Fading Light, Sydney Harbour

Sallie Heysen’s  sister Lillie  and husband Rudolf Schneider lived in Prince Albert Rd, Mosman and the Heysens frequently stayed with them when visiting Sydney from Adelaide. As a result Hans Heysen was to complete quite a body of work featuring Sydney Harbour and most often from Mosman or Cremorne. It is not widely known that this was a favoured subject of the artist and hence it is quite unique work.I would say this pastel was purchased probably from the 1908 Guild Hall Exhibition in Melbourne of which we still have a catalogue in our archives here at The Cedars.There are eleven works of which Sydney Harbour is the subject , namely:
Cremorne Point, Afternoon.
Mosman’s Bay from Cremorne.
Mosman’s Bay, Sydney Harbour.
Looking over Mosman’s Bay.
Sydney Harbour.
Sydney Harbour from Cremorne.
Fading Light, Sydney Harbour.
Looking from Cremorne to North Shore.
A Mosman Landscape.
Cremorne Point, Sydney Harbour.
A Glimpse, Sydney Harbour.
Unfortunately, the catalogue does not identify the medium used however looking at the prices levied ranging from five pounds to fifteen pounds depending on the medium my hypothesis would be that those around the five to six pound asking price would be more likely to be pastels .. these are the first four on this list plus no 7 and no 9

We are very grateful to Allan Campbell, Curator of The Cedars in Hahndorf, for this information


Purchased by the National Gallery of Victoria

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