Jugumirri and Bulgumirri 2003. Betty Carrington.
Betty Carrington

Jugumirri and Bulgumirri 2003

Ochres on canvas
80 x 60 cm
Area: Warum, Kimberley
Warmun Art Centre, 818/03

Men's Corroboree


Betty Carrington was born on Texas Downs, but grew up with her family at the old Turkey Creek Post Office and Police Station (now the Warmun Art Centre). Carrington's father was a police tracker and her family lived there until the police station closed when they moved back to Texas Downs. Carrington worked on Texas as a housekeeper, and remembers the long hours of hard work. She worked at everything from chopping wood, clearing rocks from roads, cooking and scrubbing floors, to going out bush for bullock.

Carrington has travelled extensively throughout Australia representing Kimberley and Gija people in dance and cultural festivals in cities including Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. She started painting in 1998 when Warmun Art Centre was established by the leading members of the Warmun Community.

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