Lady Oxford c1800. John Glover.
John Glover

1767 - 1849

Lady Oxford c1800

17 x 20 cm
Inscribed Lady Oxford
Verso Llangollen, pencil drawing
Provenance:  From a broken sketchbook inscribed Loaned to the Queen Victoria Museum, Launceston by M. Margery Pitt and L.M. Taylor, 21st Sept. 1960

Lady Oxford, (Jane Harley, Countess of Oxford 1774-1824) was an English noblewoman, a patron of the Reform Movement and a lover of Lord Byron.

For a similar work, refer the frontispiece for Original Sonnets on Various Subjects by Anna Seward, first published c.1798. Seward was a close friend of the celebrated “Ladies of Llangollen” to whom she wrote Glover is a man of most comprehensive genius. ... Refer John Glover and the Colonial Picturesque, David Hansen, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Art Exhibitions Australia, 2003, page 36

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