Jilamara. Nina Puruntatameri.
Nina Puruntatameri


24.5 x 19.5 cm  
Numbered 9/20

Nina (b. 1971) was taught to paint by her father, Romauld Puruntatameri.  As a 14-year-
old, she would come home from school and help paint his spears. Nina has worked at
both Nguiu Adult Education and Munupi Arts & Crafts, painting on bark and screenprinting.
She now lives at Pirlangimpi and works as a painter and printmaker.  In 1993 Nina won the
Award for Best New Medium at the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art
Awards in Darwin, which acknowledged her skills in etching. Nina produced two prints for
this series of Munupi etchings, one of which was selected for the Shell Fremantle Print
Award 2004. Her work is represented in collections throughout Australia and overseas
(Finland, Japan, Germany, and France). She has four children. 

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