Dog Police. Dion Beasley.
Dion Beasley

Dog Police


29.5 x 20 cm 

Numbered 21/50


This is the imaginary story of the two Tennant Creek Police officers who will round up all

the fighting dogs and put them in the “paddy wagon”. The dogs are then taken to Canteen

Creek. The image portrays the double decked and caged wagon which must drive through

the many dry river crossings, past the cows and to the community depicted by the group of

houses and football oval at the top right side of the print.

Dion Beasley is an independent artist who was born in Alice Springs in 1991. He has

spent most of his life in communities throughout the Barkly region. Dion currently lives in

Tennant Creek with his friend and mentor Joie Boulter and attends high school there.

Dion applies observations of his current life including his connections with town camps in

Tennant Creek and surrounding communities into his artwork and is particularly interested

in animals. Dion also depicts the social structures and relationships between people and

animals, the interaction they maintain with each other and the world around them.

Dion’s humorous nature is captured in his artwork by a clever and intuitive use of space as

well as his ability to give a sense of character and movement to the animals, people and

places he draws.

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