Jilamara. Dymphna Kerinauaia.
Dymphna Kerinauaia



25 x 20 cm 

Numbered 19/20



All jilamara (design) is originally drawn from the body painting which accompanied the

pukumani (funeral) and kulama (initiation/yam) ceremonies. All the artists living at Milikapiti

are drawing on collective Tiwi memory, and the individual expression and aesthetic

qualities of each artist's work is reflective of their personal interpretation of traditional Tiwi

design or jilamara.


Dymphna Kerinauia was born on 20 July, 1965, in the bush at Paru, Melville Island, on the

Apsley Strait opposite the mission on Bathurst Island. Her mother was sister to the late

Kitty Kantilla, the well-known artist. Grown up by her 'mothers' (including aunties),

Dymphna came to live at Milikapiti as a young girl where she married and raised a family.

She began painting in 2001 at Jilamara Arts and Craft, where her talent was recognised

and encouraged by the art co-ordinator. She has developed her own unique style.

(Jilamara Arts and Crafts Association, July 2006)


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