Kulama. Timothy Cook.
Timothy Cook



25 x 20 cm

Numbered 13/30



When a gold ring forms around the moon during the final stages of the wet season Taparra 

the moon man  performs Kulama. Inside this ring a multitude of star people sing and dance 

Kulama songs. This is the time to prepare for Kulama, the annual celebration of life. 

Timothy Cook was born on 18 September, 1958. His country is Goose Creek on Melville 

Island, and his first language is Tiwi. He has participated in many group exhibitions since 

1997, and has had several solo shows in Sydney. His work has been acquired by major 

public art galleries and musuems in Australia, including the National Gallery of Australia, 

as well as by prominent private collectors such as the The Laverty Collection. 


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