Minga. Timothy Cook.
Timothy Cook


Etching, sugarlift & aquatint
49.5 x 39.5 cm   
Numbered 47/50

Timothy Cook’s etching Minga refers to the old Tiwi practice of scarification where the body
was permanently marked for ceremonial reasons. Timothy’s confident brush strokes of
lineal black marks cascade down the paper, mimicking scars, and, when combined with the
background mass of coloured dotting, it gives this etching a sense of depth and movement.
Printmaker Trent Walter’s observation tells a more technical story where he notes that the
spontaneous etching process of “foul-bite” has occurred along the edges of the zinc plate
used to create the print image. It has resulted in creating more tonal variation and,
subsequently, a shaft of luminosity that radiates through the centre of the composition.

Timothy Cook was born on 18 September, 1958. His country is Goose Creek on Melville
Island, and his first language is Tiwi. He has participated in many group exhibitions since
1997, and has had several solo shows in Sydney. His work has been acquired by major
public art galleries and musuems in Australia, including the National Gallery of Australia,
as well as by prominent private collectors such as the The Laverty Collection.

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