Binjin. Judy Mengil.
Judy Mengil


50 x 33 cm     
Numbered 8/30

Judy was born on Newry Station and grew up learning about station life. After Newry her
mother and step father shifted to Carlton Hill station where her mother worked in the
kitchen. Judy watched all the older women working as cooks and making breads. She also
lived at Ivanhoe Station and Argyle Station. In 1965 her mother died and welfare shifted
Judy and her sister to Beagle Bay Mission. She returned from the mission in 1971 and
settled in Kununurra. She has four children. Judy started painting in the mid 1990's
although only recently in 2002 has made a serious commitment to becoming a "real" artist.
She mostly paints country around Binjin - Bucket Springs (Keep River National Park N.T.)
which is her mother's country and Milligan near Bullo River (Northern Territory) which is
her father's country. She paints these places to keep alive the stories and places of her
parents so that she can pass knowledge to her children and grandchildren.
(Waringarri Aboriginal Arts 2008)

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