Moonga Moonga. Alan Griffiths.
Alan Griffiths

Moonga Moonga

50 x 33 cm
Edition 50

This print represents one of the traditional dances still regularly performed in the east
Kimberley. The performers are women carrying small string cross totems in their hands
which they use in swaying movements as they tell the story of the river.

Alan was born at Victoria River Station, Northern Territory in 1933. He remained there
until 1957 when he left to move to Katherine. Here he was head stockman on Beswick
Station and then on Elsey Station near Mataranka, Northern Territory. Alan’s wide station
experience has included living and working on Maninbelli Station, Elizabeth Downs,
Delamere & Willaroo.
In Wyndham Western Australia Alan lived and worked as a plumber. At Newry Station he
worked as a stockman and cook, until 1965 when he came to Kununurra to live at Ivanhoe
Station operating a tractor on a cotton farm. Alan took up painting after his retirement from
farm work in 1981. Alan paints images of country - mapping the landscapes significant
features and dreamtime stories, stories from his days as a stockman and images of
corroborree for which he and his wife Peggy are key performers and teachers in their
community. Alan is a respected law and culture man for both his traditional country near
Timber Creek and for Mirrawoong culture in Kununurra.

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