Nakarra Nakarra. Kathleen Paddoon Napanangka.
Kathleen Paddoon Napanangka

Nakarra Nakarra

64 x 39 cm     
Numbered 13/50

This print features some of Kathleens's country, known as Nakarra Nakarra, south of Balgo
in the Great Sandy Desert. Nakarra Nakarra is one of the sites of the Seven Sisters'
Tjukurrpa (Dreaming), a story about seven sisters who travelled this country during the
Tjukurrpa to escape an old man who wanted to marry the youngest sister. Today at
Nakarra Nakarra a group of hills embody the seven sisters. The red section represents the
hills while the white sections are the tali (sandhills) that dominate the country.

Kathleen was born c. 1937; her language group is Ngarti and her subsection (skin) is
Napanangka. When Kathleen was still a young girl, her family moved to Sturt Creek
Station where she worked in the laundry. It was there that she met her husband, Paddy
Paddoon, who was one of the men in the stock camp. They later settled at the old Balgo
Mission with their four children. Today, Kathleen Paddoon lives at the community Billiluna.
The principal themes for her art include: Nantalarra, her family's country south of Yagga
Yagga; rock holes, water; karnti (bush potato); tjirrilpatja (bush carrot); purra (bush
tomato); small spirit people; cockatoo. (Warlayirti Artists) 


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