Kinyu. Eubena Nampitjin.
Eubena Nampitjin



50 x 37.5 cm 

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Eubena tells the story of some of her country south west of Balgo. This country is found

along the middle stretches of the Canning Stock Route near Kunawarritji (Well33). The

central circles represent Kinyu warniri (rockholes), named after Kinyu the spirit dog. The

sweeping lines depict the tali (sandhills) where Kinyu sleeps. Eubena would often hunt in

this country and leave goanna for Kinyu at the warniri.

Eubena Nampitjin (b.c.1921) is arguably Balgo's most successful artist to date. Eubena is

a Ngartijarra/Wangkajungka Purtitjarra and Kukatja language speaker who started painting

at Balgo with her second husband Wimmitji in the mid-1980s. Together they forged a

strong reputation as artists, however Eubena's individual reputation also grew steadily,

complementing her formidable influence in the community as a teacher of language and

law. Along with Wimmitji, Eubena developed a palette characterised by hot colours, which

she continues today. Since winning the Open Painting category in the National Aboriginal

and Torres Strait Islander Art Award in Darwin in 1998, the demand for her work has

steadily increased. She has held several solo exhibitions and has participated in many

Balgo group shows, as well as with other non-Indigenous Australian artists. Her primary

themes include tjunu (soakwater), tjukarra (rockholes), mulu (kangaroo dreaming), kantili

(bush tomato), women's ceremonies, goanna, mouse, moon, and dingo dreaming. These

subjects are alluded to in works that also depict specific tracts of country in the Great

Sandy Desert. She has been actively involved in printmaking since Balgo artists first

visited Northern Editions in the early 1990s. "A regal character, she is both iron-strong and

unfailingly generous. Painting is like her second language and she paints persistently with

passion and dedication." (Warlayirti Arts) Eubena's work is represented in major public



and private collections throughout Australia and overseas.







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