Lirrwarti. Ningie Nangala.
Ningie Nangala



59.5 x 39.5 cm 

Numbered 13/50


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Ningie has painted some of her country south of Balgo in the Great Sandy Desert. This 

country is named Winturlka and features a tjurrnu (soakwater) as represented by the 

circle.  The many parallel lines in the painting depict the tali (sandhills) found in this 

country.  This is the country of Ningie’s youth and is where both of her parents were killed 

when she was a young girl. 

Ningie Nanala Nangala was born c.1930 in the Pippar/Kiwirrkurra area. Her mother died 

when she was very young, and she came to the Balgo Mission when her family group was 

camped at Lirrwati, close to Balgo. As a young girl she tended to the mission goats, 

gathering bush food for them to eat. Like many people at that time, she returned to her 

own country before settling at the old mission, first at Tjalyiwarn, then at its present site at 

Wirrumanu from 1962. She married and had four children. After her first husband passed 

away, she married Tjumpo, another important Balgo artist, and had a further five children. 

Nangala's preferred themes for her artwork include the longtailed desert mouse, snakes 

and lizards, rock holes, women's law ground, and Tingari men. (Warlayirti Artists)


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