Wirnpa Country. Andrea Pindan.
Andrea Pindan

Wirnpa Country

Acrylic on canvas
120 x 120 cm


"... I went for trip back to my grandmothers and families country, to Wirnpa. It took us three days to camp before we all got there. Driving over all the high sandhills and through the spinifex and scrub. Early that morning we got up from sleep had breakfast then the older men and women said to us younger ones, walk over this sandhill then you will all see this Wirnpa country. It was like a paradise to me becauseI'd have seen the warla (salt lakes), it was so different from all the other trips that I went to. Anyway we packed up that morning and drove a long the salt lake side of the sandhills and set our camp up.Then the older people told us to break up a small tree so we could visit the main waterhole. Wirnpa got rain making snakes there. I broke down and cried with joy because I paint this country for a long time. My family had told me lots of story, how they had lived and hunted for food. They also told the story for how the rainmaking snake had come this way and had four sons. But now there are twenty four of them waterholes (snakes) that lays on the salt lakes. We call those snakes and family (waterholes) Kaliwarra."

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