Valentina Kharaborina

Born 1930

Born onto a collective farm in Crimea, Kharaborina was recognised for her artistic talent and was sent to the Art College in Simferopol. It was here that she met Valentin Bernadski. Kharaborina also studied at the Art College Simferopol, the Maksim Gorki Theatre of Dramatic Arts and the Kharkov Art Institute

'Kharaborina's compositions of women at work and her country and coastal landscapes demonstrate how much she learnt from Professor Bernadski and his colleagues - they are excellent examples of School of Crimea painting' (John Barkes). She was elected a member of the Simferopol Artists' Union, Crimea and worked as a teacher in her old college, the famous Zamoshkin Art College in Simferopol

Kharaborina had a major exhibition at the Simferopol Artists' Union's galleries in 2002