Nada Hunter

1918 - 2005

She was also a very good collector and Bill Harding, artist and colleague, recalls her house was burgled and several important works were stolen including some very valuable paintings by Rupert Bunny.  The police were diffident about finding the paintings or identifying the culprit but Nada persisted and chased such clues as were available.  She would not lie down and simply accept the insurance money. A man had visited her house, ostensibly to look at her work, and she later realized that his curiosity about which art was in which room betrayed more interest than that of a simple art lover.  He was eventually tracked down in Sydney where it was discovered he was a notorious art thief.   

From 1952, she was a regular exhibitor with the Victorian Artists' Society. She was a member of the Melbourne Society of Women Painters and Sculptors and the Friday Painters group. Solo exhibitions included Kozminsky Galleries, 1952; Roen Art Gallery, c1970; Latrobe University Staff Club, 1975; Frater Gallery, Victorian Artists Society Galleries, 1982; Bridget McDonnell Gallery, Hampton 2008; Bridget McDonnell Gallery Carlton 2010.She is represented in the Shepparton Art Gallery and Portland Collection

Nada’s works are full of spontaneity and her joyous high keyed paintings place her firmly in the modernist movement. 

John Timlin

View here  two clippings from the Argus newspaper dated March 18 1952, regarding Hunter's first public exhibition held at Kozminski Galleries, reviewed by Arnold Shore.

Nada Hunter Exhibition Catalogue 2010
Nada Hunter Exhibition Catalogue 2008