Waterholes and Bush Tucker

Waterholes and Bush Tucker

Paintings from Yiyili and Fitzroy Crossing

3 to 19 April 2008

Fitzroy Crossing is on the Great Northern Highway on the banks of the Fitzroy River, about 400 km south east of Broome. The small community of Yiyili is about 135 km east along the highway and is also in the Fitzroy Valley

The Fitzroy Crossing artists exhibited in this show have predominantly come from the Great Sandy Desert where waterholes are perhaps the most significant feature of the landscape; the waterhole not only means survival, it is where the children are born and where the elderly die. They are sacred places and feature in this exhibition as the central and understandably most dominant theme.

The essence of Yiyili Community Artists’ work is colour, pattern and movement, in paintings that depict their unique lifestyle and culture. Inspiration for designs is drawn from Gooniyanadi country and the rich variety of plants and creatures that inhabit the land. Age old customs of hunting and gathering are portrayed in works of the different bush tuckers that abound during the wet and dry seasons.

We are grateful to Mandy McGuire from Mangkaja in Fitzroy Crossing and Joy Warring from Laarri Gallery in Yiyili for their help with this exhibition

Copyright for paintings and texts remain with the artists and may not be reproduced without permission.