The Percevals; Matthew Tessa Celia and Alice

The Percevals; Matthew Tessa Celia and Alice

Matthew, Tessa, Celia & Alice
P e r c e v a l
16th June - 7th July 2012

"The children of Mary Boyd and John Perceval work in the plein air tradition, ... producing European and Australian seascapes and landscapes. In the work of Matthew, Tessa and Celia we see independent variations in the manner of Perceval and the Arthur Boyd of the Murrumbeena period.  Perceval's animated brushstroke, playful use of colour and total effect of spontaneity ... have been transmitted in their original freshness.  ...  [Matthew] After two decades of living mainly in London and the south of France, Matthew returned to Australia in 1981.  He established himself at Newcastle and has since concentrated on bush and outback landscapes; in 1984 he was commissioned to paint a series on the Kimberleys.  His earliest lessons in pottery and painting were learned casually at Murrumbeena.  Tessa's and Celia's landscapes, notable for vivacity of brushstroke and sensitivity to colour nuances, possess descriptive qualities derived not only from Perceval but also from the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist model; Monet, Pissarro, Van Gogh.  Like Matthew and their sister Alice, Tessa and Celia began their lives in Melbourne and had their first London shows at the same gallery within months of each other...." The Art of the Boyds: Generations of Artistic Achievement, Patricia Dobrez and Peter Herbst, Bay Books, 1990, page 168

A recent reminiscence by Alice … "During my teens, I stayed with Matthew and his young family in the South of France for 2 six monthly intervals, as well as regular Summer visits, helping in his pottery and working on my ceramic sculpture. We went on painting trips together and I greatly admired his painting and way of life. He actively encouraged my creative work". 11.6.2012

Bush River

Tessa Perceval
Bush River

Oil on canvas

66 x 61cm