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Paintings from St. Petersburg

Paintings from St. Petersburg

10 - 31 October 2008

We hold regular exhibitions of Paintings from St. Petersburg in conjunction with London dealer, John Barkes.

In this exhibition the works come directly from artists' studios in Siberia and the Crimea as well as St. Petersburg. All are professional artists and members of a Union of Artists. Many are represented in Russian museums and, since the Gorbachev reforms of the 1980s, their paintings are increasingly seen in galleries in the U.K., Europe, America and, most recently, China. Among them are many artists who trained and taught at St Petersburg's prestigious Repin Academy.

Village Madonna  1977

Igor Fadin
Village Madonna 1977

Oil on canvas
98 x 74 cm



Bazaar 1996

Renat Ramazanov
Bazaar 1996

Oil on board
9 x 19.5 cm