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Early Australian Watercolours and Drawings

Early Australian Watercolours and Drawings

24 July - 15 August 2009

Artists include  H. C. Allport, Howard Ashton,  Julian Rossi Ashton, J. G. Brown, Nicholas Chevalier, Alfred T. Clint, Gordon Coutts, Arthur Esam, Gerald Fitzgerald, Rah Fizelle, William Ford, A. H. Fullwood, W. H. Gibbs, John B. Godson, Albert Hansen, Carlyle Jackson, John Lewin, Iso Rae, John Peter Russell, William Strutt, C. E. S Tindall, Jessie Traill, John E. Ward and Thomas Wright

In Wales  1812

Henry Curzon Allport
In Wales 1812

Watercolour with gum arabic
41 x 58.5 cm